Public Safety




Florence Fire Protection District

Please call (719) 784-3611.

Controlled Burns

Get permission by calling (719) 784-3411 option 1.

Fremont County Sheriff

For non-emergencies, please call (719) 276-5555.

For emergencies, please call 911.

Town Codes

Code Enforcement Officer

Thomas (Tom) Hansen


Be part of the solution, and not the problem!

Tips from Tom (see below):

  1. The discharge of firearms within town-limits is strictly prohibited (includes arrows).  Many residents are misinformed regarding this issue.
  2. The speed limit on pavement is 25 MPH and on dirt roads the speed limit is 15 MPH.
  3. Dogs must be registered/licensed with the Town of Williamsburg through the Town Office within 30-days upon arrival.  Important, this is a dog license for Williamsburg (not Fremont County).  Often times, those new to our community, fail to license their dog and this is one of our largest issues.
  4. If you have four (4) or more dogs, you must apply for a Kennel License at the Town Office.
  5. Dogs cannot be wondering around the Town Limits (dog at large or vicious dog at large).
  6. The Town of Williamsburg does not permit folks to live in a travel trailer, on private property, as a guest for more than 30-days per year.  This is in violation of our Town Codes.  If you have questions, call the Code Enforcement Officer.
  7. If you plan on building something, it is highly-recommended to check in with the Town Clerk to ensure a Permit is or is not required.  It’s easier to get a permit vs. paying a hefty fine.
  8. Abandoned and/or unregistered vehicles are not permitted and fines will be issued.  Attempts to cover the vehicle or hide the vehicle will most likely end up being fined.
  9. Do not allow your home to be consumed by weeds and vegetation growth, this brings about unwanted rodents and the like.  Again, excessive growth will be fined.
  10. If you have an ATV/UTV/OHV/etc., you must register it with the Town Clerk and this is a minimal fee paid annually.
  11. If you are not certain about the Town Codes, ownership of horses and other animals, Storage of Vehicles, speed limits, etc., we recommend you contact or Code Enforcement Officer @ 719-744-3774.  As with anything, it’s always best to obtain accurate information about your new community before doing something that may be in violation.
  12. Your property is not intended for industrial use such as collecting metal, junk, trash, rubbish and other unsightly items.  Again, we want to act as model citizens and always to what is right.